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The brand concept was born by accident. It happened when I met a man who has been dealing with vintage optics for the past 40 years. The day after I met him, I thought about what elements of the product and processes can be improved to create something completely new ... what does that mean? To combine exclusive goods, create a convenient online platform and ensure a fast delivery as well as reconstruct a «conservative» off-line store format.

The main goal is to create and develop a community due to which the brand can continuously grow and ameliorate. This brand is similar to a young artist who tries to find his or her own unique style and targetaudience. MolokoGlasses, in my way of thinking, should reflect the spirit of travel, freedom, family and sincerity.
The purchase process and new customer experience, along with the quality and uniqueness of the product, are very important to me.
Now we are living in the era of consumption, so we need to approach the purchase of new things/goods wisely and think about the benefits it can bring not only to us, but also to the environment and the people around us.
This is the approach I use to solve problems related to brand development.

Ilya Safin, CEO